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We are Rhoda

“We cook food
that invokes memories”

Honest and bold food cooked over wood fire and charcoal is at the heart of the restaurant. Chef Nate Green, in partnership with acclaimed restaurateur Yenn Wong, has collaborated with designer Joyce Wang to bring you a unique dining experience that explores all the senses.

As a child surrounded by hearty family cooking, kitchen work was a big part of Nate’s upbringing. Today this is translated into the open kitchen, warm atmosphere and exploration of fundamental cooking methods at Rhoda – bringing back the concept of ‘family’ to the dining experience.

The Story

It’s a family affair”

Chef Nate Green’s grandmother, our namesake, was a great home cook who truly embodied the meaning of the word ‘hospitality’. Family meals were feasts, a procession of incredible dishes. Nate’s love for cooking stemmed from these childhood experiences and he was able to cook the perfect omelette at age 5. His professional experience includes working with big name chefs like Michael Caines, Tom Aikens and Jason Atherton who hand-selected Nate to head up the kitchens of 22 Ships and Ham & Sherry in Hong Kong. Recognising his passion and talent while working with her JIA Group, Yenn Wong was happy to partner with Nate when he decided to start his own restaurant.

Rhoda is the ultimate homage to Nate’s grandmother. Inspired by her sensational spreads Rhoda focuses on authentic and dynamic family meals, with wood fire and charcoal taking the place of fancy electrical equipment in the open kitchen.

The personal pervades everything from the curated collection of wines, liquors, favourite Japanese whiskies and bourbon to the music we’re playing that day. People come to the restaurant to share great food and talk with each other; it’s as simple as that.

This Is How We Do

“The food you eat
is the food we love”

Chef Nate’s down-to-earth yet discerning philosophy runs through every aspect of the restaurant; each plate, furnishing, ingredient and even the suppliers we work with. Our carefully nurtured network of local and overseas specialist farms are just as passionate about food and its origin as we are. We don’t pressure farms and suppliers to meet our demands – we take what their resources are able to supply without yield boosting methods, ensuring the best quality. Our chickens are truly free range and arrive freshly chilled, never frozen, from Brink’s Farm in New Zealand. We use only sustainably-caught wild fish.

Once we get our hands on the ingredients, we do everything our way with soul and with love. All our cured meats, marinades, sauces and preserves are home-made. The flavour of our beer bread, made with Suntory dark ale, evolves each day as the mother dough and the restaurant mature together. We hate waste and make use of every piece of each ingredient that we buy.

Eat + drink

“We encourage interaction and sharing
and bring back the joy of eating”

With a daily-changing menu, Nate uses the best ingredients and produce sourced both locally and from specialist overseas farms to create a down-to-earth, vibrant menu featuring a palate of different dishes and well-executed basics made from scratch. Expect simple, delicious dishes for sharing, cooked either on the western-style charcoal grill or in the kitchen.

Nate’s mandate is a return to proper cooking – celebrating his love of homemade ingredients and using all available parts of a bird or animal, with nothing wasted.

At the bar, a specially curated diverse selection of beers, wines, premium whiskies, bourbons  and forgotten after-dinner drinks such as Port and Calvados are served.

Dinner Menu (a la carte)

Weekend Lunch Menu (set)

Weekend Lunch Menu (a la carte)

Vegetarian Menu

Drinks Menu

Sample Event Menus for Whole Venue Bookings

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Tuesday – Thursday: 6:30pm – 12am (last food order at 9:30pm)

Friday: 6:30pm – 12am (last food order at 10pm)

Saturday: 6pm – 12am  (last food order at 10pm)

Sunday: 6pm – 11pm (last food order at 9:30pm)


Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 3pm (last food order at 2pm)

Ground floor, Upton
345 Des Voeux Road West
Hong Kong – open map

T: +852 2177 5050

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